• School History

    Aerial View of Deerfield Township School

    During the 1997-1998 school year, the Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education Grant provided the necessary equipment to guide our sixth grade students through the process of collecting and archiving historical photos and facts.

    Using a scanner and CD-ROM Recorder, the students were able to preserve hundreds of photographs pertaining to our school. They had to search to find old, almost forgotten photographs, and more importantly, members of their own community who were willing to share information. Using the information gathered and a slide show software program, the students created a video of the scanned photos. These videos were archived and still others transformed into an interactive album.

    Movie clips, the photo album, scanned photographs, and the slide show are stored on CD-ROMS and housed in our school's Media Center. Students throughout the school and members of the community may access the CD for an interactive journey to the past. The video tape of the slide show was placed in the Media Center and is also available for viewing.

    Throughout this process, our students realize that history is worth celebrating , our past is worth remembering, and the events of our school and community are worth preserving.