• Mission Statement

    What is the school's vision?
    Deerfield Township Elementary School is a community of students, parents, and staff dedicated to the development of every individual's desire to learn and achieve. Collectively, we provide a safe, supportive environment that promotes curiosity and a life-long passion for learning.
    What is the school's mission?
    The mission of Deerfield Township Elementary School is to encourage and promote more self-sufficient individuals with positive self-esteem. Our students will show respect for themselves, others and their environment through the commitment of administration, staff, parents, students and the community. Deerfield Township Elementary School will prepare students to think creatively as global citizens of their community. The school's mission will enable students to continue to strive to meet the challenges of the future.
    Adopted by the Deerfield Township Board of Education
    on October 28, 2015.