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Classroom Teachers



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Miss Esther Powell Pre-K ext. 226

Mrs. Lisa Herron


ext. 211


Mrs. Christine Cocking Kindergarten ext. 212
Mrs. Mary Hickman 1st Grade ext. 210 

Miss Katelynn Hughes

1st Grade ext. 209
Mrs. Tammy Casper 2nd Grade ext. 201 

Mrs. Andrea Lopergolo

2nd Grade


ext. 202 

Mrs. Gina Blewitt 3rd Grade ext. 214 
Miss Courtney Pastirko 3rd Grade ext. 215 

Mrs. Janine Robbins

4th Grade

ext. 213

Mrs. Jaclyn Sharkey

4th Grade ext. 216
Mr. Brandon Sharkey 5th Grade ext. 221 
Mrs. Kelly Fleming 5th Grade ext. 220 
Mrs. April Dilks 6th & 7th Grade Language Arts

ext. 222
Mrs. Kimberly Mercoli 6th & 7th Grade Math ext. 233  

Mr. Tyler Shumate

7th & 8th Grade Math ext. 230
Mr. Chris Wilkin 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science ext. 234
Ms. Johanna Cognato

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Social Studies

ext. 219 
Miss Meghan Mosley

7th & 8th Grade Language Arts

ext. 231  
Special Area Teachers

Ms. Ann Mohrhauser

5th Grade Resource

ext. 220 
Ms. Eileen Morris  Basic Skills ext. 218 
Mrs. Tanya Creamer Math Coach ext. 227
Mrs. Jane Patchell Literacy Coach ext. 227 
Mrs. Maura Mazza Resource Room ext. 224 
Mrs. Jodi Turner (formerly Pastirko Resource Room ext. 228 

Mrs. Lisa Trexler

Resource Room

ext. 229  


Mrs. Jodi Simpkins Resource Room/Basic Skills/LDTC ext. 204 
Mrs. Elizabeth Schwab Art & Media Center ext. 104  
Mrs. Nancy Frangakis Spanish ext. 232 
Ms. Martha McGowan Technology ext. 217 
Mrs. Elizabeth Schwab Art ext. 238 
Mr. Steven Contento Physical Education ext. 107  
Mr. Todd Welcz Music ext. 232  
Support Staff
Ms. Gayle Carroll-Lee School Nurse ext. 106  
Mrs. Kay Delp School Psychologist ext. 204 
Mrs. Jami Leyman School Social Worker ext. 204
Mr. Thomas Egbert Student Support Service ext. 218
Mrs. Nancy Taylor Instructional Aide ext. 226

Mrs. Barbara Grasser

Instructional Aide ext.  

Mrs. Gabrielle McCleery

Instructional Aide ext.
Mrs. Staci Kinzel Instructional Aide ext.
Mrs. Jennifer Scythes Instructional Aide ext.  
Mrs. Maria Bevacqua Instructional Aide ext. 
Mrs. Kelly Riley Instructional Aide ext.
Mrs. Peg Mitchell Speech Therapist ext. 207 
Mrs. Jennifer Corley Executive Secretary ext. 101
Mrs. Heidi Milward

Child Study Team

School Secretary

ext. 100
Ms. Melanie Allen

Business Administrator/

Board Secretary

ext. 111
Mr. Frank Manno Maintenance ext. 110
Ms. Ronda VanMeter Custodian ext. 112