The following Co-Curricular Activities are offered to DTS students. For information on each program, click on the link below to be taken to that activity's home page. Please note: transportation is not provided to students following extracurricular activities. Students and parents are responsible for their own transportation.

Each sport activity is offered to grades 6-8, except soccer, which is offered to grades 3-5 also. Sports activities are held after school, 1-2 days per week for a 6-8 week season. Coaches inform students and parents of practice and game days and times. Bowling has an extended season and takes place at Pike Lanes. Interscholastic Basketball travels to other schools in the area during the season.


All students who participate in sports must have an annual physical by their own physician completed, signed and returned on the form provided before a student is eligible to participate. Parent Health Update forms are used in between annual physicals performed by a physician. Please contact Ms. Carroll, School Nurse, ext. 106, with any questions.