Deerfield Township Child Study Team



Deerfield, Stow Creek and Greenwich


Deerfield Child Study Team is located at 419 Morton Avenue in Rosenhayn, New Jersey with a mailing address of P.O. Box 375 Rosenhayn, NJ 08352.

The Deerfield, Stow Creek and Greenwich school districts offer a broad range of available services for children ages 3 – 21.

  • For preschool children 3 to 5 years of age and children kindergarten through grade 8 please contact the Child Study Team at 451-6610 ext. 100, Melinda Galasso, Chairperson. 
  • For high school students please contact the Special Education Department at Cumberland Regional High School at 451-9400 ext. 222, Amy Draggoo, Director.

Some children are born with or may later develop conditions that affect normal development and learning.  Free programs are available throughout the state of New Jersey to give these children the start they need.

  • For children 0-3 years please contact Early Intervention Toll- free at 1-888-653-4463 or click on the link below.


  • For children, birth to age 21 with special health care needs can call Toll-free in NJ: 1-800-367-6543 or click on the link below.


 Please remember these services are free for those youngsters who qualify under the Special Education criteria.  A team of experts will meet and discuss your available options.